Why Do We Need More Than One Website Analytics Tool?

Can you normally use a Website Analytics Tool?

Due to the acclaim of Google, site masters usually choose to use Google Analytics (Gan) as a tool to analyze site statistics.

If you might have also used other site statistics tool, for example, histats.com, you may find the difference between Google Analytics and other site statistics software.

Image result

I have ever used both Gan and Histats.com in Totem(totem.co) and Read Attractiveness(beauties.co), I discovered many differences in the statics results between them. Here is a few important difference:

  1. Gan does not supply online statistics; that means the statistics are not the latest but several hours delay.
  1. The precise amounts of traffic statics Navigate here of the same site are distinct. Usually, Google Analytics’s number is smaller to some extent.
  1. Gan does not supply precise IP numbers of visitors.

Here, I have to say, really Gan and other site statistics application have distinct standing and function level. Gan is a tool to Analyse statistics, never to accumulate statistics.

Image resultGan has coped with the statistics before it truly shows to site masters and you aren’t able to see the initial statistics.

Which is good, Google Analytics has caused it to be simple, stupid. Occasionally we may want to analyze the statistics by ourselves, so we need to pick yet another tool.

Consequently, I suggest site masters should take good advantage of Gan and other site statistics software and join the function of distinct site tool. Thus need more than one site analytics software!


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